Our winter home maintenance checklist

With the unexpected weather we have been so lucky to have this summer, it can be easy to forget how quickly the time is passing. Before we know it, it’ll be mid-October and we’ll be admitting it’s finally time to let go of the sandals and dig out our winter boots. Don’t worry, we won’t mention the daunting festive words just yet.

With colder days approaching, it’s the perfect time to tick off any overdue home maintenance tasks that will increase your properties efficiency and sustainability this year. We’re certainly not wishing the sun away, but we all know how quickly Autumn will come and go.

Loft insulation

An often forgotten space in your home, but the most accessible when it comes to updating your insulation. With a quarter of heat lost through the roof in an uninsulated home, according to Energy Saving Trust, it could be one of the most efficient home investments you can make.

Updating your loft insulation will help your home retain heat in the winter, but also keep it cooler in the summer.


If you’ve recently moved into an old building, upgrading your window’s glazing should be at the top of your maintenance list this Autumn. In additon to the obvious such as creating a warmer, cosier home when the temperatures drop, energy efficient windows will also insulate your home against external noise and reduce inside condensation build up. That’s a triple bonus.

Guttering and downpipes

Although it’s a beautiful picture to sit outside in the crisp Autumn air and watch the golden leaves fall from the trees, they can be a nuisance when it comes to your guttering. Making sure your guttering and downpipes are cleared can help prevent long term damage. If left blocked, they have the potential to cause penetrative damp in the property. Be sure to clear them and check they are fully functioning.


It’s safe to say you wouldn’t have needed to use your heating for a while and you probably won’t for another month or so at least, but it’s better to check your heating is working now than wait until the temperatures really plummet and your left freezing cold with a very expensive heating bill. Be sure to bleed your thermostatic valves and test the heating is fully functional.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and have a happy home this Autumn!

If you require assistance with preparing your property for winter, or even want to go ahead with the extension you’d like built before the family come over for the festive holidays, speak to our team today on 0207 030 3205 or email info@6angels.co.uk.

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