A Room with a View: How to Design and Build with Surrey in mind

With its stunning landscape, quick commute into London and English heritage, it’s no wonder that Surrey is a sought-after location. So, if you’ve bought a property in Surrey or are looking to buy one, then of course you want to incorporate the views of the area. For this blog, we’ve put together some ideas on how to bring Surrey’s stunning landscape into your home, in order to make the most of the area’s breath-taking views.

  1. Bi-Folding Door Extensions

Bi-Folding doors are certainly a trend at the moment, but its not hard to see why. If you are thinking of extending your home then we thoroughly recommend installing bi-folding doors. With these doors, you can open up your new space to bring the outside in. Imagine sitting in your living area with the Surrey Hills right in front of you, and no doors or windows to disrupt the view. Absolutely stunning…

  1. Skylights/Dormer Windows

If you are having your loft converted, then Skylights or Dormer windows are definitely a worthwhile investment. Not only will they allow more light to flow through your home, but they are also a fantastic way to incorporate higher views that you may not have been able to see before. You can open up your skylight or dormer window and peer out at the hilltops; the view would simply be wasted without installing these features.

  1. Juliette Balconies

Juliette Balconies are a great way to incorporate the Surrey landscape on a second floor or within a loft conversion. By installing a small and non-invasive balcony, you can take in the views from the inside of your home, adding a different dynamic to simply looking outside of your window. The juliette balcony will frame the landscape and reveal more than a smaller window or door would, which will also make your room seem much bigger.

  1. Landscaping (Decking and Patios)

Views don’t always have to be enjoyed from the inside. Sometimes the best views are from your garden. By landscaping your garden, you could create an area which perfectly incorporates the focal point of the Surrey landscape. You could have a decking installed and experiment with the different levels of your garden in order to achieve the best possible view or you could build a modern patio area to create the perfect finish. There are so many different ways you can landscape your garden area.

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