Don’t move, improve! The benefits of extending your home upwards and outwards

Don’t move, improve! The benefits of extending your home upwards and outwards

Did you know how much value a high quality extension can add to your home? A lot of people think that moving house is the only way to create additional space without spending too much money. But it’s easy to forget about things like solicitors’ fees, stamp duty and home renovation costs which can all add up. When considering an extension, you can actually makemoney when you do eventually decide to sell your home. Whether it’s an extension for an additional bedroom or to extend your living space, there’s certainly benefits of extending …


Your home holds a lot of memories. It could be the place your children grew up or the first home you bought with your partner. So why simply move because of a space issue? When extending your home, you can keep the emotional values of your existing home and simply add another room to create even more memories; something estate agents cannot offer.

Increase the value of your home

More space, means more money when you decide to sell you property, if built correctly. Turning your two bed home into a three bed home for example, can attract many more potential buyers, particularly expanding families. If you are extending in order to create a new kitchen or living space, you could create the kitchen of your dreams without buying a more expensive home in order to gain the desired space.

Space function

If you have a room on the small side then you can completely change its function by extending. You might have a small dining area or wish you could eat somewhere away from the kitchen. With an extension, you could create an open-plan space or design a quality dining room to entertain guests at the weekend.


Perhaps you own a conservatory or have a steep sloping roof you wish didn’t exist. By replacing these elements with a quality, single or double storey extension you could completely change the look of your house from the outside, which will give the illusion of your home being far more superior.

You can make it your own

Instead of buying a completely new house with rooms you’d need to adapt, you can design an extension which fits your needs. Think of it as a blank canvas, a chance to create a space that fits in well with the space you already have and fulfils your wishes.

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