From Dreams to Reality

From Dreams to Reality: The benefits of having a building company at the start of your project

From the initial design to construction and completion, we cannot express the importance of having a builder with you every step of the way. Not only does it improve the channels of communication, but it also saves a lot of valuable time in the long run. For this blog, we’ll take a look at the benefits of having a building company by your side and the reasons why it’s so crucial for your project.

Planning Applications

Having a building company assist with your planning applications from the get-go saves a lot of time and money. Professionals can pin-point any flaws in your building plans before you submit them and advise you on your designs for the best possible outcomes. As well as this, the company will fully understand your needs before they’ve even placed a brick, which saves more time in the long run.


By having a building company from the start, you’ll know any costs involved upfront and will know exactly what to expect from their services. If any financial issues do arise, the relationship has already been formed with the company which makes it much easier to sort out.


In the unlikely circumstance that something goes wrong along the way, this can be resolved quickly because the building company will already know your project well and should have a clear understanding of what you require. If a company comes in halfway through the process, it’s a lot harder to fix. To prevent issues from arising in the first place, companies should continually update with you throughout the entire process, which adds another benefit to having building assistance immediately.


Like any project, the process is one of the most amazing things and it’s always incredible to see an idea turn into a reality. When your building company has assisted you from the start, you can celebrate the achievement of completing your dream home together.

With strong communication, consistent updates and a clear understanding of what both parties require, having a building company from the beginning of your project is something we strongly believe in.

Based in London, 6 Angels have earned a reputation as a high quality, competitive building company that completes projects on time and within budget. The company’s diverse skills include refurbishments, extensions, loft conversions, new builds and period restoration.

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